Robert McLaurin Gray J41885

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Robert McLaurin Gray Robert McLaurin Gray Robert McLaurin Gray

440 Squadron

F/O Gray was a pilot with 440 Squadron during the Second World War. Photos courtesy of Harry Hardy, DFC.

From Typhoon and Tempest by Hugh Halliday: Page 115: On February 28, "a quartet from 440 was flying above cloud east of Goch when subjected to vicious ack-ack. This was obviously directed by German radar. Two Tiffies were hit. F/O W. R. Gibbs (J27239) was on fire in RB338 when he vanished into cloud. F/O Robert McLaurin Gray (J41885) narrowly escaped with his life when flak punched a foot-wide hole in his port wing, just missing the bomb on that side. He jettisoned both bombs and returned to Eindhoven."