Harold Keon J39126

Unknown - June 9, 1977

Hal Keon Hal Keon

440 Squadron

F/O Harold 'Hal' Keon was noted as a member of 440 Squadron in May 1945. He was from Sheenboro, Quebec, the 6th of 13 children born to Lorne and Loretta (nee Ryan) Keon. They were farmers in the area. He was accepted into Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, but war broke out. He joined up with the RCAF. His last ops was August 25, 1945. In his logbook, he wrote, "FINIS!" Hal became a country doctor after the war, graduating from the University of Ottawa in 1952, founding the hospital in Chapeau, Quebec, passing away in 1977 at the age of 55. Dr. Keon also acted as coroner. He and his wife, Nora, had 8 children. One of his daughters said that her father never spoke much about the war, but commented on the kindness of the English people.