William Donald Barber J16822

1925 (Approximate) - May 6, 2009

H. D. Barber H. D. Barber H. D. Barber H. D. Barber H. D. Barber H. D. Barber H. D. Barber H. D. Barber

440 Squadron

F/L William Donald 'Don' Barber was a member of 440 Squadron during the Second World War. He had served two tours, the second which expired at the end of February 1945. 440 Sqn was his 2nd combat tour; he previously flew Kittyhawks with 260 Sqn (RAF) in the Middle East between 1 August 1942 and 20 June 1943 along with Stocky Edwards.

Barber's 1st Op with 440 Sqn on 18 August 1944. He was posted out 2nd tour expired on 25 February 1945 and was released from the RCAF on 3 August 1945 (ref Canada Gazette).

NCO SN R79563 (Sgt & FSgt) Commissioned on 22 December 1942 SN J16822 (PO, FO & FL).

F/L Donald Barber of Limerick, Saskatchewan, led the City of Ottawa Squadron on an attack February 16, 1945. From an RCAF Press Release: "Three squadrons of Typhoons this afternoon rained 24 tons of bombs upon an enemy V-bomb launching site cleverly concealed among factory buildings 15 miles south of Rotterdam. Two other sections scored eight cuts in the enemy's Ruhr railways at the same time. 'The attack was rather impressive,' said Barber, 'all the Typhoons in line astern, just one big string of aircraft diving and pulling up like a Ferris wheel.'"

Barber married in May 1944 in London, England, making the paper in Saskatchewan. His war bride wanted to return to the UK, and Don joined the RAF in 1947. He passed away in the UK in 2009. Photos courtesy of his family.