Frank George Grant J5056

August 10, 1918 - 1975 (Approximate)

Frank George Grant Frank George Grant Frank George Grant

438 Squadron

Frank George Grant was born on August 10, 1918 in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. He is considered to be Canada's most decorated Typhoon pilot. He passed away in September 1975, in Unionville, Ontario.

Squadron Leader Frank Grant was part of the Wildcat Squadron. In a press release from May 1944, he was noted as reporting that all bombs dropped on their targets over Cherbourg peninsula. He also said, "Jerry is a smart soldier. He has known a lot of tricks right along and what he didn't know before about keeping under cover in the daytime, he's learned since the TIffys started pranging his trucks on the highways. These 1000 pound bombs do an awful lot of damage. Even a pair of 500-pounders in the right place will put a lot of machines out of commission."

More details about his time as a Typhoon pilot can be found in Typhoon and Tempest by Hugh Halliday as well as by clicking on the links below.