Stanley Gurnett Postans R121895

1920 (Approximate) - 2000 (Approximate)

Stanley Gurnett Postans Stanley Gurnett Postans Stanley Gurnett Postans

440 Squadron

Thank you to Stan's daughter, Diane Carl, for the information and photos.

Stanley Gurnett Postans was with 440 Squadron, 6440 Servicing Eschelon, 143 Wings, Second Tactical Air Force, RCAF. He joined the RCAF in 1941, returning to Alberta in 1946. He served in England, France, Belgium, and Holland. He was at Eindhoven on January 1, 1945 when the Luftwaffe attacked the Allied bases. (See article Bodenplatte.)

Diane Carl said she and her father spent countless hours talking about the Second World War, Stan's service experiences and airplanes, including Typhoons with their strengths and weaknesses. "Dad had a phenomenal memory, was a real people person, honest, straightforward, decent man who did not mind talking about his experiences. Many times, though, he and I cried together over some of his reminiscences, especially the situation at Belsen Bergen Concentration Camp. Some of his experiences he wrote about, but others were just shared."

"After Dad died in 2000, I inherited all of his material he kept over the years. It took me over a year to organize it before donating it to the Provincial Archives of Alberta, but I kept a copy of the 1945 diary and of what he wrote in 1960 about his wartime experiences." Several photos were part of this collection and Diane asked Stan to identify who was who.

"The picture of Stan in his flight suit standing in front of an Anson was taken just before he went up with the pilot to ensure his repairs to the plane had been successful. I asked him once how did he know he had fixed a plane properly and he advised me that after working on a plane the mechanic had to go up with the pilot for a test flight to check if all was in order and that 'You damn well made sure that you did a good job cause if you didn’t, you and the pilot were about to meet Satan.'"