James Hughes Beatty J14471

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James Hughes Beatty James Hughes Beatty James Hughes Beatty James Hughes Beatty

440 Squadron

James Hughes Beatty, A/S/L, DFC, was part of 439 and 440 Squadron. He was from St. Catharines, Ontario.

In a press release from February 1945, he was quoted as saying, "It's just like a small scale Flying Fortress attack." This was in reference to a new style of attack carried out for the first time against German towns in which re-inforcements were being held. Each aircraft carried multiple fragmentation bombs enclosed in a canister -- an explosive Molotoff cocktail -- and the pilots showered these new type anti-personnel missiles on a dozen towns near the Rhine. "After we bombed Udem, quite a bit of flak came up." Udem is due north of the rail city of Geldern, which had been a recent target of Typhoons with high explosive bombs.

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