William Lawrence Beatty J28162

February 13, 1923 - December 16, 2010

William Lawrence Beatty William Lawrence Beatty

438 Squadron

William 'Bill' Lawrence Beatty was a pilot with 438 Squadron. In Hugh Halliday's book Typhoon and Tempest, from page 81: "On November 30, 1944, No. 438 reported that two pilots, F/L A. C. Brooker and F/O W. L. Beatty had just returned from leave from England. En route home, their Dakota had been shot down by anti-aircraft fire from the by-passed, besieged German garrison in Dunkirk. The 'Dak' force-landed in no-man's land and its occupants spent several terrifying minutes reaching Allied positions. W. L. Beatty was the twin brother of Jim Beatty, a well-known Typhoon pilot and CO of 439 Squadron at the end of the war."

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